Are you still using spreadsheets to amortize your entrance fees?

LifeCalc is a software package that collects and analyzes your community’s resident data and allows you to easily create a series of demographic and financial reports. From amortization of entrance fees to population and financial projections, LifeCalc makes the difficult task of following actuarial guidelines straightforward. LifeCalc is designed to enable each community to input assumptions to match your community’s specific needs.

*Amortization of Entrance Fees provides annual and monthly amortization of entrance fees by the AICPA Health Care Audit Guidelines.
*Population Projections calculates 30-year population projections, including unit turnover, health care utilization and resident movement.
*Financial Analysis calculates 30-year cash flow projection, future service obligation, pricing analysis and projected GAAP financial statements.
*Sensitivity Analysis provides financial analysis utilizing alternate population assumptions

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