The Value of CARF Accreditation for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

There are many advantages to CARF accreditation. Customers look to CARF accreditation as their assurance that programs and facilities are of the highest quality. Service providers have the advantage of clearly defined and internationally-accepted standards to ensure that services remain among the elite for excellence. Fundamentally, one of the greatest benefits of accreditation is the extremely thorough self- and peer-evaluation process that a community undergoes in order to achieve accredited status: every aspect of the community’s enterprise-from governance to finance to operations to risk management and beyond-is measured and evaluated against quality standards that represent the highest level of achievement so that, at the end of the process, a community can literally be transformed in the manner in which it pursues its mission.
Excerpt from an article written by Amy Castleberry, CFA, Director