Audit Support

Continuing Care Actuaries has extensive experience auditing the financial statements of government, public, and private companies.  Accountants rely on our experts to examine the financial statements of their clients and opine on the actuarial items.  Our auditing experience includes:

  • Retiree Group Benefit Obligations under GASB, FASB, and SFFAS
  • Premium Deficiency Reserves
  • IBNR Claim Reserves
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Active Life and Claim Reserves
  • Statutory Cash Flow Tests
  • Loss and Loss Expense Reserves
  • Unearned Premium and Accrued Retrospective Premium reserves
  • Reinsurance and Risk Transfer Reserves under the ACA
  • Risk Corridor Reserves
  • Prescription Drug Rebates
  • Stop Loss Reinsurance Claims
  • Disability Claims Reserves

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