Self-Funded Health Plans

Our actuaries are experts in the healthcare field and have been working with health plans for over 100 combined years. We have assisted self-funded plans by calculating IBNR, developing premium equivalency rates, determining COBRA premiums, analyzing benefit changes, analyzing stop-loss insurance, and performing financial projections.

As actuaries, we understand stop-loss risk at a higher level than most health insurance brokers. Stop-loss coverage terms are complex but are the key to controlling the risk associated with a  self-funded health plan. Therefore, they require a higher level of scrutiny and review. We offer consultative advice on the stop loss structure, contracts, terms/conditions and pricing. Lasers, aggregating specific arrangements, terminal liability options, the return of surplus and more are all facets of stop loss that require your consideration and a professional review.  We have strategies to help mitigate the risk of self-funding for smaller firms.

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