Life Plan Communities (CCRCs)

Actuarially-Based Financial and Community Planning
Our actuarial and financial models assist in evaluating alternate planning scenarios and fee/service structures.

Contract Pricing Analysis
Our models develop the profitability levels based on each community's cost structure, available contract offering and expected demographics.

LifeCalc Pro – Entry Fee Amortization Software
LifeCalc Pro is a software package that collects and analyzes your community’s resident data and allows you to create a series of demographic and financial reports.

Examiner Pro – Financial Underwriting Software
Examiner Pro is an easy-to-use, but highly sophisticated program designed to help management anticipate future fee subsidies by accurately estimating the risk associated with each applicant to the community.

Historical Population Analysis
We demonstrate, for current and past residents, census, new entrant and transfer demographics, mortality and morbidity experience, health care utilization, independent living unit turnover, and average ages for each level of care.

30-year Population and Financial Model
Our models develop values for your community's population over a 30-year period.  The model calculates cash flows and cash balances over 30 years, and utilizes actuarial assumptions to determine surplus or liability levels.

Nursing Diversion Programs
Nursing home diversion programs include expanded services through assisted living and memory care as well as increased utilization of home health care.  

State Reports and Filings
The federal government does not regulate CCRCs. CCRCs are regulated in most states.

FSO and other AICPA Auditing Requirements
The population projection uses actual resident data to develop future assumptions about demographic characteristics of existing members.

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