Actuarial-Based Financial and Facility Planning

Continuing Care Actuaries is highly qualified to perform analyses for CCRCs or Life Plan Communities due to our team’s certifications, experiences, and knowledge of the CCRC industry and our experience in providing sophisticated actuarial reports to CCRCs and the long-term care industry. We feel it is important to build a long-term relationship and partnership with you and your staff.

In addition to having performed analyses for over 450 CCRCs nationally, we possess one of the largest databases of CCRC residents with over 800,000 life years.  Continuing Care Actuaries acquired this database in part through a research study sponsored by the National Institute on Aging and the Society of Actuaries for over seventy CCRCs across the country to develop mortality and transfer rates unique to the industry.  With this data, we can more accurately model the future demographic changes that will likely occur in the community.  This level of professional experience and knowledge will assure completion of our work in the most efficient manner and will also allow us to provide timely assistance in evaluating any critical issues that may arise.

We believe the successful CCRC will be the one that employs actuarially based management techniques.  It is important for management to understand the long-term risks assumed under the life care contract.  The demographics of CCRC residents are dramatically changing due to a more competitive marketplace for senior living and the underlying shifts in the delivery of geriatric and long-term care services.  Efficient utilization of a community’s accurate actuarial data will enable management to monitor current financial results, anticipate future challenges and implement plans to address economic challenges.

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