Examiner – Financial Underwriting Software

Examiner is an easy-to-use, but highly sophisticated actuarial model designed to help management anticipate future fee subsidies by accurately estimating the risk associated with each applicant to the community.  The model can be tailored specifically to your community’s fee structure, contracts, refund agreements, services, and costs.  Taken into account are the applicant’s age, gender, couple status, health status, choice of apartment, contract terms and more.  Based on the applicant’s assets, income information, and other information, the model predicts the likelihood of a resident requiring fee subsidization at some point in the future.

Instead of using life expectancy averages, Examiner simulates each year of life in the community for a thousand independent simulations using Monte Carlo techniques.  While the average of all these simulated projections is equal to the life expectancy, this simulation technique also captures the extra costs for those who live beyond life expectancy without falsely creating offsets from those who do not reach life expectancy.

Additional reporting includes annual subsidy projections and projected residents to require assistance each year.

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