Long-Term Care Insurance

Continuing Care Actuaries can assist your company with your actuarial needs when it comes to Long-Term Care Insurance.  We will provide a third party evaluation of your block of business that is supported by the Actuarial Standards of Practice. Our actuaries have performed company valuations, gross premium valuations and experience studies.  Our experience studies have helped companies to set appropriate assumptions for termination rates, claim incidence, claim persistence, and mortality rates.  Experience studies can be crafted to develop assumptions by policy or block of business.  Continuing Care Actuaries also performs Active Life Reserve and Claim Reserve development and analysis. Cash flow testing is also important in determining the risk of any block of business.

Continuing Care Actuaries' LTC services include:

  • Performing Rate Reviews and Filings
  • Developing Active Life Reserves (ALR) and Disabled Life Reserves (DLR)
  • Auditing and Reviewing Reserves
  • Performing Quarterly Reserve Analysis/Review
  • Calculating Gross Premium Valuations
  • Performing Experience Studies in order to develop mortality, lapse, claim incidents, and claim continuance rates
  • Reviewing all Financial Statements
  • Analyzing Stop-Loss and Reinsurance Arrangements
  • Calculating Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) Reserves
  • Performing Appointed Actuary Services

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